Entries by Graham White

Kyu Grade Class 1.3.24

A very well attended session where the grading syllabus was covered followed by randori (tachi-waza and ne-waza).

Kyu Grade Class 16.2.24

Another great session working on forward throw set ups. Lots of cardio for those wanting to prepare for competition too.

Surrey Low Grade 11th Feb 2024

A great day had by all with a bronze for Henry and a gold for Rocky. Well done boys! Even Graham competed in the Kyu grade event in the afternoon, […]

Kyu Grade Class 2.2.24

Another great class, thanks to Dan and Zac for the instruction. Topics covered were Osoto Gari variations and combinations. End of class picture to follow…

Kime-no-kata 7th January 2024

Kime-no- kata course -? A great way to learn some traditional forms with defences against strikes knife and sword. Bonus – also counts as coach revalidation. Thanks to Paul Jordan […]